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Celebrating individuality and culture! Introducing our impactful t-shirt bearing the powerful message: "Black, no sugar, no cream." Embrace your unique identity and heritage with this tee that proudly celebrates African American culture, offering a statement that's both bold and meaningful.

Care Instructions:

Maintain the vibrancy of your t-shirt with these care guidelines:

1. Machine wash the t-shirt in cold water to preserve fabric and colors.

2. Turn the t-shirt inside out before washing to protect the design.

3. Use a mild detergent to prevent fading or damage to the print.

4. Choose air drying or tumble dry on low heat to prevent shrinkage.

5. If ironing is required, do so inside out on a low-temperature setting.

6. Store the t-shirt in a cool, dry place to ensure it remains a symbol of cultural pride.

By following these instructions, your "Black, no coffee. Black, no sugar, no cream" tee will continue to honor your heritage and serve as a meaningful representation. Wear it with pride and share your cultural story!

Black No Sugar No Cream

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Color T-Shirt: White
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